Schedule a Make Up Class

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Schedule a Make Up Class

You are held responsible to follow the Lil' Athletes Program policies and Make Up rules.


Make Ups are allowed and welcomed.

Make ups must be scheduled by Acuity. Day of drop ins are not ensured to participate.

Make ups are not ensured and may not be available if classes are full/there is no other option. Refunds will NOT be given for any missed/unused classes.

Make Ups must happen within the current season session. Make Ups do not roll over into the next season session.

Make Ups must take place in a class that has open availability.

Class schedule can be found on the Sports City website under the Lil’ Athletes tab. Class availability is subject to change. Check our program finder for availability and the most updated info.

Make Ups must be for the same class they are registered for. Hoppers can’t do make ups in Jackrabbits. Micro classes can’t do make ups in Big Feet.

If you do not make up the missed class, no refund will be issued for the missed class.

You must schedule a makeup using our scheduling site Acuity. Once the make up is scheduled, the confirmation is automatic and you should receive an email confirmation.

Day of drop in make ups are not ensured a spot to participate.

Make ups check in at the Sports City front desk to receive a class slip before heading to the field/court.