Sports City

about Lil' Athletes

Lil’ Athletes is a child development sports program that teaches children crucial life skills, along with skill development in their sport. Simply put, Lil’ Athletes teaches great soccer, basketball, and baseball skills in ways that other programs just don’t. That’s because we’re rooted in the science of childhood and motivated by the magic that defines it. We develop core strength–not just physically, but also cognitively, emotionally and socially—so kids are ready, willing and able to tackle life’s most important goals. Classes are led by high-energy coaches and packed with creative games structured to help kids tackle age-appropriate developmental milestones.

Come for the sport, stay for the development. Experience all the benefits of Lil’ Kickers (child development soccer), Lil’ Hoopsters (child development basketball), Lil’ Sluggers (child development baseball), and Skills Institute (player development soccer) first-hand for free! Our classes are age-appropriate and wildly fun! Come see why more than a million kids nationwide love our program!

Questions About Lil' Athlete Classes?

Email is the preferred contact method: [email protected]. The Coordinator works Wednesday-Sunday. The Assistant Coordinator works Saturday-Wednesday. Please allow for 1-3 business days for them to get back to you. Thank you.

No outside food or drinks. Outside food and drinks are prohibited in Sports City.

Water is okay. If outside food or drinks are brought inside the facility, you will be asked to remove that item by either putting it in your car or throwing it out.

You are held responsible to follow the Lil’ Athletes Program policies.