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Youth transitional scrimmage

What is it?

Our Youth Transitional Scrimmage program is for children ages 4, 5, and 6 years old who are looking to gain soccer game experience. Our knowledgeable instructors will take a child-development focused approach to coaching the kids through instructional soccer games.

What's the point?

In our past youth league experience, we noticed the U6 leagues lacked direction and struggled to understand the foundational rules of soccer (ex. knowing what it means when the referee blows the whistle).

Kids will play a real soccer game as the coaches instruct them through the process with hands on help to direct and educate them on the fundamentals and the rules of the sport. The goal of this scrimmage is to help kids have a smoother transition into youth leagues.

How will it run?

There will be two teams consisting of 5 field players and 1 goalie each. Substitutes will be encouraged to cheer on their teammates and practice good sportsmanship while on the sidelines. Players will rotate on and off the field frequently. The first 5 minutes will be a warm-up with an emphasis on team bonding, stretching, and building good foundational habits. Coaches will dive into positive team dynamics leading up to game time. The other 45 minutes will be spent playing a scrimmage with 20 minute halves and a 5 minute half time to discuss team strategies.

Coaches will randomly pick teams on a weekly basis.


Age Range: 4-6 years old

Scrimmage Length: 50 minutes once a week

Price: $19 per scrimmage, must pay for whole session; prorate option available if joining late.

Membership: Youth League Membership OR Lil’ Athletes Membership required.

Youth Transitional Scrimmage


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checking in for class

If your child is already enrolled in their class, please check your child at their field with their coach each class.

If you are checking in as a new addition or for a make up class, please check in at the Sports City front desk before heading to class.


Clothing: We ask that your child comes to class in comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to run around in. Our Lil’ Kickers (jersey and/or shorts), Lil’ Hoopsters (reversible tank top), and Skills Institute (shirt white or red) uniforms are popular to wear to class. You can purchase your class uniform at the Sports City front desk.

Shoes: Soccer- no cleats! Cleats are not allowed on our turf fields. Closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes or running shoes are fine. No open toed shoes.

Shin Guards (Soccer): We strongly recommend that any child participating in the Youth Transitional Scrimmages to wear shin guards and long socks for safety as the children learn the game.

Water: Please bring a bottle of water for your child.

No outside food or drinks. Outside food and drinks are prohibited in Sports City. Water is okay. If outside food or drinks are brought inside the facility, you will be asked to remove that item by either putting it in your car or throwing it out.

  • Shin guards are required.
  • Closed toe shoes only, no cleats are allowed.
  • Wear athletic clothes your child can move and run in.
  • Bring a labeled water bottle.
  • Your child’s photo taken at the Sports City front desk.
  • Your child’s birth certificate.
    • Birth certificates and an account photo will be required once your child transitions into youth league. Bringing in a copy and taking the photo now will make the transition smoother.
    • We will not turn away your child if you do not bring their birth certificate or do not have their photo taken, but we want to practice good youth league habits!
  • No outside food or drinks allowed inside the facility.