Lil' Athletes

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The Highest Quality Child and Player Development
Programs in the North Bay

Sports City’s Lil’ Athletes programs provide a great introduction to sports, while helping children reach age-appropriate developmental milestones, all in a fun, exciting and positive environment. Help your children develop a love for an active lifestyle and skills that go far beyond the playing field!

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Lil’ Hoopsters
Lil’ Hoopsters introduces children ages 3 through 6 years to the game of basketball. Our fast-paced non-competitive classes teach the fundamentals of basketball while creating a safe, fun and exciting class environment. Children learn the rules of the game, dribbling techniques, shooting skills and teamwork during a class that increases their confidence.

Lil’ Kickers
Lil’ Kickers introduces children ages 18 months to 8 years to the game of soccer. Our high-energy classes, offered in eight age groups, are carefully designed to enhance your child’s overall growth, so they not only develop strong physical skills, but are also well-balanced and confident.

Lil’ Sluggers
Lil’ Sluggers introduces children ages 2 to 6 years to the game of baseball using developmentally appropriate equipment and games in an exciting and positive environment. In small classes grouped by age level, children learn the proper way to throw, catch, hit and run bases, as well as other age-appropriate skills.