Individual Players

Want to play but don’t have a team?
Sports City offers recreational house teams for the age groups listed below.

Youth Winter Session

Leagues Begin: TBD
Registration Deadline: TBD

Online Registration

House teams are created for children who are registering as an individual. You can register your child on the house team in the age group they are eligible for. Please see age groups listed below. A parent of one of the children on the team will need to volunteer to coach the team during the session. Sports City will discount your child’s individual fee by 50% if you volunteer to coach. Please contact us prior to registering if you are interested in volunteering to coach your child’s team.

Coaching Description
  • Coaching experience is not required
  • Main duties include subbing players on and off of the field into positions
  • Ensuring fair playing time
  • Providing positive encouragement during the game
Individual fee Includes 8 games and one training session run by a Sports City coach. The training session will take place prior to the team’s first game. Once the session begins, for additional cost, the team can choose to rent the field for practices as desired.


All players are required to have an annual Sports City membership to play in leagues. Cost is $40 for the year.


All players who register for a house team team are required to purchase a jersey. Cost is $15 plus tax. Players can use that jersey for future sessions.
Team spots are filled on a first come first served basis. If your child wants to play but doesn’t have a team this is the perfect opportunity. Register online or in person.

Age Groups & Rates

Age Group Field & Location # Players on Field Min Per Half Spring House Team Indv. Price
U6 Coed SR Field #2 4+ (no keeper) 16 $8.50/game
U8 SR Field #2 4+ (no keeper) 16 $8.50/game
U10 SR Field #2 6 (5+keeper) 22 $10.25/game
U11-U12 SR Field #1 &
Cotati Field #3
7 (6+keeper) 22 $10.25/game
U14-U16 SR Field #1 &
Cotati Field #3
6 (5+keeper) 22 $10.25/game
U19 Coed SR Field #1 &
Cotati Field #3
7 (6+keeper) 22 $10.25/game

*U6 coed is open to both boys and girls. There is no required number of each gender.

Online Registration

Individual Registration Steps:

  1. Click here to login or create your DASH account.
  2. Once entering your email address and personal information, log into your email and click the email confirmation link.
  3. Accept the Sports City waiver by checking the box, entering your password, and your initials.
  4. At this point you will see your DASH dashboard.
  5. Click on “Register” located on the left-hand column.
  6. Select “Teams & Leagues” and then select “Individual”
  7. Select the child that you are registering.
  8. Under “Location” be sure and select, “Santa Rosa”. (This is for in house logistics only)
  9. Select, “Register” for the appropriate team listed in the search results.
  10. If you prefer to be placed on a team with another individual please note this in the comments section. Select yes or no for medical information and click “continue”.
  11. After the current line add, you will also have the option to add a jersey to the shopping cart. If your child doesn’t already own a Sports City House Team Jersey please add that item to your cart.
  12. Proceed to checkout.
  13. Please note if your child has not played here before they need to come to either facility to take a photo and show proof of age via a birth certificate, passport or medical ID card. Your child’s registration will be complete once this is done.