Individual Players

Want to Play But Don’t Have a Team?

Sports City Offers Recreational House Teams for Individual Players

We create house teams each session for children who want to play but don’t have a team. Individual spots on house teams are filled on a first come, first served basis. You can register your child on the house team in the age group for which they are eligible. Please see age groups listed below.

A parent of one of the children on the team will need to volunteer to coach the team during the session. Sports City will discount your child’s individual fee by 50% if you volunteer to coach. Please contact us prior to registering if you are interested in volunteering to coach your child’s team.

Youth Arena Soccer Winter #1 Session 2018/2019
November 10 – January 18

(no league games November 22 and December 24 – January 1)

Leagues will be played at Epicenter, located at 3215 Coffey Lane, and at the Cotati Facility!

Registration Deadline: October 24

Leagues Begin: November 10-16

2018/2019 Age Matrix

Register online today!


To register as an individual for a house team:
  1. Download the “Dash Platform” App or click here for the web version.
  2. Log in to an existing account by selecting “Log in” or create a new customer account by selecting “Sign up”.
  3. Once you have created an account or logged into your existing account, select “Register” on the top tool bar.
  4. Select the name of the child you are registering.
  5. Select “Teams & Leagues”.
  6. Select “Join a Team” and then select the house team you are interested in joining based on their age group.
  7. Fill out all of the information (we cannot complete your registration without it). Then select “next”.
  8. Select the youth membership option you would like to purchase. To see membership option details “click here”.
  9. Select the house team reversible jersey “add to cart” button. This is required for all players participating on a house team for the youth Winter #1 Session.
  10. Select “checkout” and complete payment
  11. Please email us your child’s birth certificate or bring a copy to the house team’s practice. We can also take an updated photo at that time.
  12. Once scheduled, we will email you the date and time of the team’s first practice and the team’s game schedule. Be sure to whitelist our contact information in your email client so the emails don’t get sent to spam.

Coaching Information

  • Coaching experience is not required
  • Main duties include subbing players on and off of the field into positions
  • Ensuring fair playing time
  • Providing positive encouragement during the game

Individual Fees

The fees for individual players include eight games and one training session run by a Sports City coach. The training session will take place prior to the team’s first game. Once the session begins, for additional cost, the team can choose to rent the field for practices as desired.


All players are required to have an annual Sports City membership to play in leagues. View Youth Membership Options.


All players who register for a house team are required to purchase a jersey. The price is $17 plus tax. Players can use that jersey for future sessions.

Age Groups & Rates

Age Group Arena & Location Game Days
*Game days are subject to change based on scheduling needs. We use multiple game days due to the volume of teams participating and to be able to accommodate teams schedules
# Players on Field Max Roster Size Min Per Half House Team Indv. Price
U6 Coed Santa Rosa Only (Split Arena) Saturday Only 4 (no goalkeeper) 8 16 $78
U8 Santa Rosa Only (Split Arena) Saturday Only 4 (no goalkeeper) 10 22 $88
U9, U10 Santa Rosa Only Arena #3 Girls: Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Boys: Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
6 (5 + goalkeeper) 13 22 $98
U11, U12 Santa Rosa & Cotati Girls: Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Boys: Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
7 (6 + goalkeeper) 13 22 $98
U14, U16 Santa Rosa & Cotati Girls: Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Boys: Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
6 (5 + goalkeeper) 13 22 $98
U19 Coed Santa Rosa & Cotati Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 7 (6 + goalkeeper) 13 22 $98

*U6 coed is open to both boys and girls. There is no required number of each gender.