Lil’ Hoopsters


Lil’ Hoopsters Spring 2019 session is cancelled due to routine repair and maintenance on the basketball court



Lil’ Hoopsters is a child development program based around the game of basketball that encourages children to advance their skills on and off the court. This program introduces children to basketball focusing on the essentials of the game, including: dribbling, passing, (court) positioning, shooting and teamwork. Our experienced and enthusiastic coaching staff utilize imaginative games that increase a child’s confidence and skill, while enjoying a fun, fast-paced class environment.

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Lil' Hoopsters
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Summer Session Information

Lil’ Hoopsters summer classes are subject to not run due to temporary court closure.

Locations: Santa Rosa
Dates: June 11 – September 1
No Class: July 2 – 7
Program Length: 11 weeks
Class Length: 50 minutes
Ages: 2.5 Years – 7 Years
Pricing: $17.50 per class
Classes will be offered in Santa Rosa Facility
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3 – 4 Years

The Dribblers curriculum is designed to introduce children to the game of basketball in an exciting non-competitive environment. Children are instructed in basic basketball objectives, passing techniques and basketball fundamentals while building spatial awareness, social skills and working on their listening skills. Parent participation is required.


4 -5 Years

Dunkers classes are fun, fast-paced and introduce children to team play. The Dunkers class curriculum instructs on basketball fundamentals with a focus on coordination and teamwork. Children are instructed in movement patterns and positioning throughout each class. These skills will then be applied during scrimmage games on the court in the last few classes of the session.


6 – 7 Years

The Ballers class curriculum focuses on positioning and further development of fundamental basketball skills. Children are instructed in shooting, passing and defensive techniques using our six-foot hoops. While learning new game concepts children are challenged each class in an instructor led scrimmage game. This is the highest level of our Lil’ Hoopsters program and is designed for children who are ready for a challenge and preparing to enter recreational basketball.