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Fall 2019 Session

September 12 – October 24

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Epic Stars Basketball is a program that brings children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities off the sidelines and into the game. Basketball promotes personal development in a fun basketball environment designed to improve social skills and overall gross motor skills. Basketball is different form typical soccer as it does not match players by age, but by their cognitive ability and skill. The program is ages 5 years to adults. The unique design of our program allows players to achieve personal success using Buddies, who translate each session to the level and ability of their players, allowing them to succeed

  • Non-competitive environment to maximize learning
  • Games and activities adapted for each child
  • All children can be players, regardless of their ability
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • Improve self-esteem, social skills and fitness
  • A local support network and basketball community for children and their families

Thursday Afternoons

4:45PM or 5:45PM (50 min classes)
Sports City
3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa

Each participant will be placed into one of two groups (listed below) according to the parent assessment form filled out prior to the start of the session and parent interviews. Considerations that will be noted during these classes and placement changes could be made depending on: Age, cognitive ability (social, flexibility, working within a group), following directions (1-3 step directions), personal relations and behavioral observations.

Group 1. Defenders – Beginners

Team aspects, following 2-3 step directions, ball tracking, gross motor skills, hand eye coordination
Defenders is a development program for kids with disabilities based around the game of basketball. This program encourages children with disabilities to develop their gross motor skills while enjoying the game of basketball. Defenders program individualizes basketball and focus’s on essentials of the game including: dribbling, passing, (court) positioning, shooting, and teamwork. Our goal is to encourage the love of basketball by offering a safe, accommodating environment with a curriculum designed specifically for players with disabilities. Players may require assistance from buddy a 2:1 or a 1:1 ratio to help translate the games and activities.

Group 2. Hot Shots – Advanced

HotShots is a child development program based around the game of basketball that encourages children and adults with disabilities to advance their skills on and off the court. This program introduces children with disabilities to basketball focusing on the essentials of the game, including: dribbling, passing, (court) positioning, shooting and teamwork. HotShots is designed for those players who require a little less accommodations and more independence on the court. They will also participate in scrimmage in most classes.

Program Guidelines:
  • All players must to be able to participate (either with the group or parallel the activity) for 70% of all activities.
  • No player will physically harm a participant, buddy or coach during activities. This includes; hitting, biting, spitting, kicking or threatening.
  • All players participating are subjected to these guidelines. Further participation in the class may be terminated if any of these guidelines are broken.
How to Register:
  1. Click here to login or create your DASH account.
  2. Once entering your email address and personal information, log into your email and click the email confirmation link.
  3. Accept the Sports City waiver by checking the box, entering your password, and your initials.
  4. At this point you will see your DASH dashboard.
  5. Click on “Register” located on the left-hand column.
  6. Select “classes”.
  7. Select or add the child that you are registering.
  8. Under “Location” be sure and select, “Santa Rosa”.
  9. Select, “Register” for the appropriate class listed in the search results.
  10. Select yes or no for medical information and click “continue”.
  11. This will bring up a shopping cart, proceed to checkout. (This should be a $0.00 transaction)
  12. Registration is not complete until you fill out the parent assessment form by using the button below.