Food & Drink

QR code order and pay

We have several very easy ways for you to get your fill of food and drink (including alcoholic beverages) at Sports City!

Our newest and most exciting and expansive food and drink option is to use Order and Pay at the tables all throughout Sports City. It's so easy!

  1. Find a QR code on a table and scan it with your phone's camera
  2. Order and Pay will come up on your screen
  3. Order whatever you want from the full Victory House food and bar menus
  4. Pay right on your phone with your credit card
  5. A food runner will bring your food and drink right to you at the location of the QR code you ordered from!

We also have an exclusive Sports City Bar right by guest services for a limited selection of draft beers and canned beverages. This is your fastest and easiest way to get a cold adult beverage!

You can grab an Amy's Wicked Slush or a Bella Rosa Coffee or any number of milkshakes, soft serve, grab and go foods and so much more at Piner & Coffey To Go, located right by Arena 1.

Or ... if you are willing to wait until after your game viewing time is over, come on in to Victory House for full table service food and drink!