Guide to Indoor Soccer

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Constant Action.

Indoor soccer is a game of constant action with very few breaks in play. This keeps both the player and spectator totally entertained. As opposed to outdoor soccer where players can go for a long time without touching the ball, the small sided game provides many more touches for each player, quickly increasing the player’s technical skills. The world renowned Brazilian game is heavily influenced by small sided soccer thus creating some of the most skilled and technical players in the world. Many great players have played indoor small sided games all their life and gone on to play at the highest levels of the game.


Sports City provides a great social atmosphere as a group meeting place. It is the central soccer hub of our local soccer community. Both players and spectators utilize the game for fun, fitness and socialization purposes. Sports City offers programs for ages 18 months and up. You can play for most of your life, from our Lil’ Kickers child and player development programs and youth leagues, to our HS Coed and older adult leagues; we have the right level for your enjoyment!

Professional Facilities & Fun Atmosphere.

Kids and Adults love the arenas, the perfect turf playing surface, scoreboards, bleacher seating, café, TV’s, music and the overall fantastic soccer atmosphere that Sports City provides, plus there are no rain outs.

Coordination, Balance & Agility.

There is no other sport with this range of coordination components and various situational and positional challenges. In addition, split second adjustments in body position put great emphasis on the development of excellent balance and agility.

Incredible Fitness.

Because the ball does not go out of bounds very often and play is continuous, players don’t even realize the amount of fitness they are getting by playing indoor soccer because they are having so much fun doing it!

Character Development.

One of indoor soccer’s major benefits to the player is the development of important character traits for life. Qualities of perseverance, leadership, concentration, teamwork and confidence are all developed by indoor soccer. It is beneficial in improving social skills in an environment where individuals are interacting under both high pressure (during game) and low pressure (after game)conditions.


Indoor soccer involves mild physical contact. Excessive contact is penalized within the rules and slide tackling is not allowed, therefore, contact injuries are minimized and tend to be less severe. The low incidence of injury provides the ideal forum for lifetime participation and allows the more mature or less fit individual to participate for a greater length of time. Synthetic turf has also proven to reduce the amount of injuries vs. natural grass or hard court surfaces. Sports City uses FieldTurf which is used by hundreds of professional soccer clubs around the world including many MLS teams.

It’s Fun!

Small sided indoor soccer is a blast for kids and adults. After many years of operation and extensive surveys, we have found that families love indoor & small sided soccer and Sports City offers an environment where every member of the family can participate.

It’s Affordable.

The cost of involvement in an indoor soccer program is very reasonable when compared to the cost of other outdoor sports, indoor sports or entertainment options like going bowling or to a movie. Very little equipment is needed to play soccer thus making it the most affordable team sport of all.