Youth Guest Pass Policy

Guest Passes may be purchased for any player who would like to play with a team for a game. This allows someone who wants to try out playing with a particular team or someone who is visiting the area to play. This allows teams to guest a player when they may be short players for a game. It also allows a player to participate on a team that they cannot commit to full time but would like to participate in one or more games during a session.

Guest Pass Policy

  • We are now allowing players with a current membership to Guest Pass for any team where they are not listed on the roster.
  • A Guest Pass may be purchased by players without a current membership for $10. The fee for current members is $6. The pass allows one player to play in one game. Purchase is non-refundable.
  • If it is a player’s first time participating at Sports City, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to fill out appropriate waiver, show proof of age and purchase guest pass. New guests will not be allowed to participate without proof of age.
  • If the player has a current membership they must check in at the membership office at least 15 minutes prior to game time to purchase guest pass and be placed on the game sheet.
  • Guest Passes cannot be used in games 7 or 8 of the session, unless the team in question is out of the running to win the league, as determined by Sports City.
  • Number of players (rostered and guest passes) may not exceed the league’s roster limits for a particular game.
  • Any players with current or lifetime suspensions from Sports City may not play on a Guest Pass.
Red cards issued to a guest player will result in the following:
  • Any resulting fine will be invoiced to the coach’s account.
  • Player will not be allowed to play on a Guest Pass in the future.
  • Fighting: Guest player will be prohibited from further participation at Sports City.

Guest players are subject to all Rules, Policies and Laws published by Sports City. Sports City reserves the right to refuse play to anyone. This Guest Pass program may be terminated at anytime without cause.

Other Policies

Sessions and Games

All sessions include 8 games and run approximately 8-10 weeks. All teams are scheduled for one or two games a week depending on the number of teams in a division and length of the session. Games can start between 4:00PM-7:30PM on weeknights and 7:15AM-7:00PM on weekends. Standings are posted daily on the internet. Division winner is awarded Championship T-shirts OR medals for every player. Orders must be placed within two weeks of session ending or team forfeits awards.


Teams are accepted on a first come, first registered basis. Acceptance does not guarantee or reserve placement in additional sessions. The coach or team manager can register the team online or in person. A roster is required at time of registration along with a $100 deposit.

Game Schedule and Reschedule Policy

Sports City assigns game days for each division and gives you the opportunity to notify us (in writing on the registration form) of a date conflict. However, we need to reiterate that there are NO GUARANTEES. We will do our best to accommodate schedule requests but when other factors such as field availability, holidays and other team requests need to be considered, it’s impossible to accommodate every team.

  • Any reschedule request inside a 10 day window shall not be considered. Team will have to decide to play short handed or pay the forfeit fee to Sports City if they cannot field a team. The forfeit fee goes to the opposing team for their loss of a game.
  • During the winter sessions rescheduled games will take place on Field #2 only.
  • The reschedule fee is $50.
  • If you wish to reschedule a game please contact us at info@playsportscity.com or 707-526-2884.

Final Payment Policy:

Balance must be paid by first game (Credit Card payments only, Visa/MasterCard accepted). Deposit and league fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  1. Minimum amount of $400 is due prior to kick-off of the 1st game. If this amount isn’t paid, the team will have 1 business day to make that payment or the team will be dropped from the league and no refunds will be issued.
  2. The remaining balance must be paid in full before kick-off of the 2nd game or the team will not be allowed to play in that game and will be dropped from the league.

Note: Once the balance is paid in full, all prior forfeited games will remain a forfeit.


The following is required to play in leagues at Sports City: Turf or flat soled shoes required (no molded cleats), shin guards required, teams must wear matching colored and numbered jerseys. Numbers must be 1 by 6 inches and permanent. Sports City will provide all game balls.


All players must be members of Sports City in order to play in any leagues. Any new players or players that have had their previous membership expire and need to renew can do so at least 10 days before their first game. Sports City’s annual youth membership rate is $40 for ages 17 years and younger. All members are required to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate, CYSA player ID, passport or medical ID card (if it includes date of birth) for age verification. Families of 3 or more who sign up for memberships at the same time will receive an additional $5 off each membership.


Player rosters must be completed and turned in at the time of registration. Players may be 3 years younger than the age group they are registering for, no less.


  • U6 players must be at least 4 years of age, no younger.
  • Girls are allowed to play in the U6 Boys League since there is no U6 Girls League.
  • U19 players can be as young as 15 years of age.

Players may be added through game 3 of the session with payment. No more than three players who play at a higher level (than the tam registering) are allowed on the roster. Players can play on multiple teams as long as the teams they are playing on are not in the same flight.


Many variables go into aligning divisions. Your skill information, although important, does not guarantee the division that your team will be placed into. Every effort will be made to create parity in a division. However, Sports City does not guarantee quality of play. League alignments, times and days of game may vary from session to session in an attempt to balance leagues. Teams are allowed to play up one age group and down one division for each age group they are playing above their current age group.

League Division Ties

The following tie breaking system order shall govern any league divisions ending in a tie at the end of the league session. These are NOT automatically calculated in the league standings reports on our website. Sports City will declare champions and/or distribute awards when I champion is mathematically calculated by management.

  • 1st – Comparison of league record against each other (head to head).
  • 2nd – Comparison of least “goals against” during the session.
  • 3rd – Comparison of goal differential during the session.
  • 4th – Head to head play-off game (based on field availability) or coin toss.

League Information and Schedules

Whenever possible we will assign divisions based on single year age groupings. Age groups are based on the birth year matrix for the outdoor leagues. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all players meet the age requirements. We reserve the right to change field assignments based upon availability. Schedules will be posted online the week of the first game.