Age Groups & Divisions

Youth Game Day and Schedule
Age Group Field & Location Game Day
U6 Boys (girls are allowed in U6 Boys League) Santa Rosa Field #2 All Leagues: Saturday & Monday or Tuesday
U8, U9, U10 SR Field #2 Girls Leagues: Sat, Mon, Tue
Boys Leagues: Sun, Tue-Thur
U11, U12, U14, U16, U19 Girls SR Field #1 &
Cotati Field #3
Girls Leagues: Sat, Mon-Wed
Boys Leagues: Sun, Wed-Fri

*All sessions include 8 games and run approximately 8-10 weeks. Exception: Youth Spring 2015 is a 7-week session. All teams are scheduled for one or two games a week depending on the number of teams in a division and the length of the session.
**First game times are posted online and e-mailed 5 days prior to the league starting. Complete schedules are posted online the week the league/division begins.
***Games can start between 4:00pm-7:30pm on weeknights and 7:15am-7:00pm on weekends.


Last update: September 2014
Whenever possible divisions are assigned based on single year age groups. Age groups are based on the birth year matrix for 2014-2015 youth outdoor league (matrix expires after Spring Session 2015):

To qualify for any age group the player’s birth date must fall between the ranges listed below. Sports City allows players up to 3 years younger than the age group to play in a division.
U6 players must be at least 4 years of age, no younger.
Girls are allowed to play in the U6 Boys League since there is no U6 Girls League.
U19 players can be as young as 15 years of age.
Other division players may be up to 3 years younger than the age group they are registering for.

If players are found to be too old or too young for any given age group they will be dropped from the roster and will not be allowed to play. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players are eligible to play for the age group.

2014-2015 Age Matrix
U6 August 1st 2008 through July 31st 2009 or younger
U8 August 1st 2006 through July 31st 2007 or younger
U9 August 1st 2005 through July 31st 2006 or younger
U10 August 1st 2004 through July 31st 2005 or younger
U11 August 1st 2003 through July 31st 2004 or younger
U12 August 1st 2002 through July 31st 2003 or younger
U14 August 1st 2000 through July 31st 2001 or younger
U16 August 1st 1998 through July 31st 1999 or younger
U19 August 1st 1995 through July 31st 1996 or younger
  • U6 Boys (Girls are allowed to play in the U6 Boys League since there is no U6 Girls League.)
  • U8-U16 age groups for boys & girls


Leagues will have promotion and relegation to ensure players and teams are, as much as possible, playing against appropriate levels of competition. Many variables go into aligning divisions. Your skill information, although important, does not guarantee the division that your team will be placed into. Every effort will be made to create parity in a division. However, Sports City does not guarantee quality of play. League alignments, times and days of game may vary from session to session in an attempt to balance leagues.

A lower division team may not field more than three (3) players from a higher skill level (to be determined by Sports City). Sports City will determine if a player is too advanced for a league and reserves the right to drop players from the team and forfeit games if necessary. Teams are allowed to play up one age group and down one division for each age group they are playing above their current age group, with approval by Sports City.

Sports City will place teams according to previous indoor session standings and outdoor records as well as the level of rostered players.

  • Division 1: Competitive (A level outdoor and B level outdoor with strong record)
  • Division 2: Intermediate (B level outdoor with average or less record and C level outdoor with strong record)
  • Division 3: Recreational (C level outdoor or teams with poor records as to be determined by Sports City)
  • 5 players on the field per team ( no goal keepers)
  • There is no score kept in the U6 Boys League as this league is reserved for recreational play only.
  • Girls are allowed to play in the U6 Boys League since there is no U6 Girls League.