Guest Pass Policy

Guest Passes may be purchased for any player who would like to play with a team for a game. This allows someone who wants to try out playing with a particular team or someone who is visiting the area to play. It can also be used when a team may be short players for a particular game. It also allows a player to participate on a team that they cannot commit to full time but would like to participate in one or more games during a session.

Adult Guest Pass Policy

  • A Guest Pass may be purchased by players without a current membership for $10. The fee for current members is $6. The pass allows one player to play in one game. Purchase is non-refundable.
  • Players must arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out appropriate waiver and purchase pass. All guests must complete and sign a waiver. Guests must be at least 18 years of age and must provide a driver’s license, passport or United States Identification Card.
  • An individual player can only guest 2 games per session.
  • Guest Passes cannot be used in games 7 or 8 of the session, unless the team in question is out of the running to win the league, as determined by Sports City.
  • Guest passes can not be used for players with an expired membership that are listed on the team roster.
  • Player’s name must be placed on the game card.
  • Any players with current or lifetime suspensions from Sports City may not play on a Guest Pass.
  • Number of players (rostered and guest passes) may not exceed the league’s roster limits for a particular game.
Red cards issued to a guest player will result in the following:
  • Any resulting fine will be invoiced to the coach’s account.
  • Player will not be allowed to play on a Guest Pass in the future.
  • Fighting: Guest player will be prohibited from further participation at Sports City.

Guest players are subject to all Rules, Policies and Laws published by Sports City. Sports City reserves the right to refuse play to anyone. This Guest Pass program may be terminated at anytime without cause.