Rising Stars at Sports City


Rising Stars Assisted Soccer Program

Program for children and adults with special needs.


Every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports, the joy of teamwork, the achievement of kicking a ball or making a goal. There are thousands of children with special needs who do not have the opportunity to reap the benefits of participating in athletics. Here at Sports City, we offer Rising Stars through the Goals Foundation, which was specifically developed to bridge that gap.

Goals Foundation’s Rising Stars is a program that brings children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities off the sidelines and into the game. Rising Stars promotes personal development in a fun soccer environment designed to improve social skills and overall fitness. Rising Stars is different form typical soccer as it does not match players by age, but by their cognitive ability and skill. The program is ages 4 years to adults. The unique design of our program allows players to achieve personal success using Buddies, who translate each session to the level and ability of their players, allowing them to succeed.

NEW! Rising Stars Basketball. Click for more information.


  • Non-competitive environment to maximize learning
  • Games and activities adapted for each child
  • All children can be players, regardless of their ability
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • Improve self-esteem, social skills and fitness
  • A local support network and soccer community for children and their families

This program allows the children to get off the sidelines and into the game.
-Sonoma State Star


Program Details

Children will be placed into groups and assigned a buddy to work with them throughout each class. Click on the button below to read full program details, including dates, times and locations of upcoming Rising Stars sessions. You can also contact us online or via phone at 707-708-4625.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you love soccer and giving hope to children and their parents? If so, please consider volunteering to assist with our Rising Stars program. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

Goals Foundation

Goals Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) youth sports and development organization. We are proud to provide programs that foster positive self-esteem and establish early interest and engagement in sports, health and fitness, community service, education and career goals.