Beer Games



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Located in the Sports City Basketball Court
3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa

$10 per 2-person team for entire 3 hours.

Price does not include alcohol.
No discount for late sign-ups.
No outside alcohol.

64oz beer pitchers available for purchase:
$16 Domestic
$20 Craft

For ages 18 and older.
Wristbands will be given to those 21 and over.


Beer Pong


Rules based on Official Beer Pong Tournament Rules for The World Series of Beer Pong. For any disputes, please refer to their website (

  • Rock Paper Scissors will determine who starts the game.
  • Shots must be taken from behind the table, with elbows not crossing the edge of the table.
  • Balls may be grabbed or swatted after touching the table or a cup, but not after they have entered the cup (i.e. no fingering). Premature interference will result in the thrower choosing a cup to be removed.
  • Bounce shots count for two cups (Receiving team chooses second cup).
  • If both players on a team sink their shots, they will receive one ball back.
  • Any cups knocked over by defending team count as if they were scored on.
  • Reforms happen automatically at 6, 3, and 1 cups.
  • Redemption: If there are two or more cups remaining, “Unlimited 1-ball Redemption” is given. Either player may take the first shot, and the ball is rolled back until a player misses. As soon as a miss occurs, the game is over. At this time, players MUST alternate shooters in the event of multiple hits-one player may NOT take all the redemption shots. If there is one cup remaining when the last cup is sunk, the rule is, “Take as many shots as you have balls remaining on your side”.
  • A successful redemption will result in a 3-cup overtime, with the winning team starting with ball possession.
  • Winning team may choose to stay on table.

Corn Hole

  • Rock Paper Scissors will determine who starts the game.
  • Pitches must be made from behind the front edge of the boards, from either side.
  • One player from each team pitches from each board.
  • Players will alternate pitching from each board (e.g. Both players on board 1 will pitch first, then both players on board 2). An inning is complete after all four players have each pitched four bags.
  • A bag that ends inside of the hole is worth three points, a bag that is on the board, while having no part touching the ground is worth 1 point.
  • At the end of each inning, scores are calculated on a cancellation basis; The team that scores most points will be awarded the difference between their score and their opponents (e.g. Blue team scored 7 points, Red 3. Therefore Blue is awarded 4 points).
  • First team to 21 points wins.
  • Winning team may choose to stay on.

Ladder Ball

  • Rock Paper Scissors will determine who starts the game.
  • Tosses must be made from either side of the ladder., but not in front of.
  • One player from each team tosses from each ladder (considered a round).
  • Each player must toss all three bolas before the next can go.
  • Players will receive 3 points for bolas’ caught on the top rung, 2 points for the middle rung, and 1 point for the bottom rung. An additional point will be scored for catching a bolas on all three rungs, or all three on the same rung.
  • Scores are tallied after each round.
  • The player with the most points after each round may choose whether to toss first or second in the next round.
  • The first team to reach exactly 21 points wins. If player goes over 21 points during a round, their score is not counted.
  • Winning team may choose to stay on.