Advertise with Sports City

A Dynamic Customer Base…

You can score big when you advertise with Sports City! Our arena’s draw up to 10,000 visitors per week with as many as 160,000 advertising impressions. Your ad reaches a huge population of varied demographics that includes adults 18-40 (50%), youth 12-17 (30%) and children ages 1-12 (20%). During peak months (November – May) our foot traffic increases threefold on the weekends and during the evenings. Your support of the fastest growing indoor sports businesses in the country will speak to thousands on a weekly basis. Why not join the team of our enthusiastic sponsors today and get the results you expect with your advertising dollars.

Team Sponsorship

As a team sponsor, your company would contribute and pay for a team’s league fee for one session (price varies depending upon the league entered), and in return would receive sponsorship for one team in a Sports City league.

The sponsored team would take the name of the company which is viewed by all the participating teams in the league (via the schedule and standings posted on our bulletin boards and on our web site). Generally the team would also wear a jersey showing the company logo or name.

Contact us at 707-708-GOAL. or
if you’re interested in advertising or if you’d like to sponsor a team.